It is time…….Now

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It is time for a change, a time to give god credit……..


Money Management Skills are for Everyone

Monday, September 4, 2006


The skill that all people should master is money management. Individuals go through life not knowing how to manage their money. You might ask yourself, “Why should people possess these skills?” Simple, look around, see if you can find somebody that is in poverty, and you won’t have to look very far. When individuals possess money management skills they can provide themselves with a number of ways to improve the quality of life and maybe even pass those skills on to somebody who needs them.

          People who do not have the skill of money management tend to put themselves in an unhealthy state of life. When a financial crunch occurs people can expect themselves to be looking at possible lawsuits, payroll garnishment, and a constant stream of creditors harassing the individual by phone or mail. These events then make the person stress out, and in turn could lead to the loss of things that they dearly cherish in life. Though, budgeting can prevent this.

     A person who knows about money management will be able to avoid putting him or her self in a financial burden. When people don’t budget they make mistakes of spending too much money and not saving enough. By saving money they prepare themselves for Read the rest of this entry »


Saturday, June 3, 2006

Music lovers have I got a treat for you. Do you ever sit there and wish you could hear more than what you have in your music collection? Get tired of the same radio play over and over again? I did and I found a website that will play your favorite artist plus give you suggestions for new ones. It is called Pandora. Pandora is a music website that helps people find music they like and it really works. The best thing about is it is FREE and there is no software to install. All you have to do is go to the website, register and start listening. It plays a song you don't like……mark it and it won't play again. You can make countless play list's and I guarantee you will find that new artist you are looking for. There is one down fall though, people with dial-up can't use it. 😦 I had high speed internet when I found it and now I am on dial-up and missing it, but hope to soon have my high speed back. There also is a Pandora Side Bar for blog users and it also has a feed option as well. Sad to say that WordPress does not allow Java Script so unless people bug WordPress about this issuse and get them to add a Pandora Widget, you will never get to use it. UGH!!!! If you like Pandora and would like to see the widget added please go to here. I hope that you will give Pandora a try and Happy Blogging!!!! 🙂


Monday, May 29, 2006

I have some background in computers and would not mind helping you with computer related problems or just chatting about them. If it's help you need I will do my best and if I don't know about a certain subject I can  help you research it. Also I will always be adding links to website's that maybe useful to you. You will find those links on the side bar on the right side.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Rock…………Now there's some music that I can't get enough of. I listen to Alt., Punk, Metal, and some Heavy Metal. Right now I am looking for some new rock music to listen to, and would love your suggestions.